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Ah coils the love/hate thing…

So the new coils for the Triton arrived today, I got a pack of the 1.8ohm Triton heads and a pack of the Atlantis 1.0ohm heads.

Now the 1.8Ohm heads are great, really nice mouth to lung and great flavour. They are perfect for my style of vaping and give the same experience as the Nautilus tank I use. So those will be my go to heads.

Now, the 1 Ohm heads were a bit of let down and putting these against the 1.0 Ohm heads from Joytech did not work at all well for mouth to lung? but in lung hit and a much higher wattage then seem to work very well, but was still getting that chesty feeling after using them.

With that done I have brought 4 sets of heads but alas only one I can really use! Ah well, I can keep them for testing new eliquids and as I have the FuryTank from AnyVape they will not be wasted.

Just looks like I will have to use heads that are above 1 ohm or build them myself.

You live and learn in this crazy world of vaping folks, vape on, vape safe and more soon.


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