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Series-B Tilt from JACVapour

The SERIES-B TILT is a premium box mod, designed and engineered in the UK by JAC Vapour. With up to 40W of power available, it can be used in either Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage modes and is compatible with coils rated as low as 0.2Ohm.
The device is the most compact, regulated box mod on the market using removable 18650 batteries, and combines a unique blend of ergonomics and engineering to achieve its tiny proportions and large feature set. Despite offering advanced features, such as sub-ohm functionality, the device can still be easily concealed in a hand.
This high end box mod is perfect for those slightly more experienced vapers who are familiar with Variable Voltage and want to take the next step. Its large array of safety features, and easy plug and play options also make it perfect for those who want to skip the eGo style device and go straight to something that will last them their whole vaping life.
The SERIES-B TILT may be a box mod, but it’s not simply a box; it’s a unique, great-looking device. The innovative tilted cap means that the mouthpiece is always right where you want it to be. This tilt effect also means that the SERIES-B feels remarkably small in the hand, but it also adds something a little bit different to the look of the device. If you want the features of a box mod, but not just a boring box, then this is the device for you.


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