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Rolling Papers Express Eliquid Reviews

Mentice flavour E-Liquid by T-Juice has a really icy cooling taste with a minty backdrop and a great throat hit. With arctic notes of menthol running through it and a icy finish, this is a great all day vape liquid. Blow big clouds of the minty fresh vapour as you relax, another great e-juice by T-Juice.
T-Juice is a unique and much loved UK e-juice brand, its now available all across the world it has become known for the exceptional vape liquids and concentrates they have created. They have a wild and unusual flavour combination range in their portfolio that are sure to take your taste buds on a wild ride.
T-Juice E-liquid
Menthol Ice Mint
10ml Bottles
20% VG
We’ve been told that Fire and Ice reminds so many of our customers of those fireballs we would burn our brains away with as kids, but with a frosty, chilled finish that makes it the perfect combination of fire and ice. This is an incredibly comprehended Fire And Ice E-Liquid that the creators at Tasty Puffs have clearly spend time concocting, so as to blend two very opposite flavours into a perfect union of distinctive yumminess!
With strong and powerful kicks of cinnamon on the first inhale of this tempting and mouth-watering e-juice, you will be completely blown away with the arctic and mellow whiffs of gentle peppermint that will have your palate begging for another hit. Fire and Ice is the ideal e-vape juice to have when you’ve had a late night out and really need to wake up in the morning! Can we say hangover fix!?!
Available in Nicotine Strengths of: 21mg, 10mg or 0mg
Dominant Flavours are: Cinnamon and Cool Peppermint
Glass Refill bottles in 12ml
PG/VG Ratio: 50/50
Only FDA Approved e-juice manufacturer in the world!
A blend of natural and artificial flavourings

Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Nicotine

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