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 Price £20.99

Smok’s version of the sub ohm tank, well made from stainless steel and pyrex with a 3.5ml capacity. I did find it easy to disassemble and clean, One thing I did notice was the bottom O-ring had become stuck to the pyrex and needed removing and refitting into the base. I would recommend putting a little eliquid on this to stop that from sticking again. There are 4 choices of heads and a 5th one that is for DNA40 temperature sensing only. Here is a quick rundown of the heads:

SMOK VCT A1 COIL – 0.5OHM £2.69

Pretty standard 0.5 Ohm build with good vapour and taste. Much better than the Kanger and Aspire heads. This also has the added feature of eliquid flow control for thinner or thicker eliquids. Flavour and vapour were excellent and worked really well, they are a little overpowering for me but cloudchasers will like them.

SMOK VCT A1 COIL – 1.2OHM £2.69

More my style of coil as 1.2Ohm is pretty much where I vape, with the better airflow I can mouth to lung the vape better. This one also has the eliquid flow control rings as well. This is the one I will use and very good for devices that cannot handle the lower ohms. This is a good mouth to lung users choice with the airflow closed off more.

SMOK VCT X2 COIL – 0.4OHM £2.85

A dual coil sub ohm design which did surprise me to the flavour and really will work well for those cloudchasers more so that the excellent A1 coils.   However its a lttle juice heavy and will really burn through the eliquid so be warned. No flow control on this one but it handled 85% VG with no problems.


Not quite the same as a normal RBA as there are no screws and is a dual coil build only, they supply some premade coils and cotton which meter out at 0.5 Ohms. Looking at the way the coils are put in is not really a good design. It reminds me of the old days when we used to rebuild ProTank 2 heads and its a bit of pain to work on due to lack of space in the deck area. It would have much better if the design was more like the Kanger Sub Ohm and perhaps a choice of single or double style builds.

So to sum up if you just want to use stock heads this is a unit well worth getting but if you want a rebuildable option you may have to look elsewhere but this unit really does stand up tall given the current range sub ohm tanks out there.

Gareth Witty



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