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Overview of Whiff Eliquids

Just to give my readers a little backstory before we get onto the review, I was approached by Raffaele Pettinato who asked me to try out the Whiff Eliquid line for them. They sent out samples of each line and then asked me for feedback on the eliquids. So now after testing them I have compiled the review and present it here on my blog.

In order to give as much info as possible I have split this post into 3 sections so I can talk about each line.

1- Whiff traditional: with nicotine and with propylene glycol

This eliquid is the normal eliquid, it contains PG and Nicotine. The flavour range is available in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg as well as 0mg. The current flavours are about 13 strong and can be found in the PDF file HERE. The 5 sample flavours sent to me tested in a clearomiser and a self built RTA. The flavours from the eliquid was very well made, the tobaccos which I am not a huge fan off really did taste good and I could almost say “a floral taste” but not in the flower type way. The taste was gentle but still did roll around the taste buds in a very nice way and I can say I did rather like them and can appreciate the hard working in getting a decent flavour. The other flavours strong and very tasty but not harsh way and are very easy to vape all day. When compared to others on the market I have to say these are right up there and I can easily recommend them for any vaper. I do sometimes get a reaction to PG but I did not get this so I can surmise that the ingredients are all top quality from this.

2- Whiff organic: with nicotine but no propylene glycol

This is a VG based eliquid that has no PG so is very good for those who may had an intolerance to PG based eliquids. Now the liquid in this is a little thicker but I found no problems with wicking in any of the clearomisers I use and is fine with cotton builds in RDA and RTA’s I own. Now even with the VG base the flavours stayed the same as the PG ones and I did notice the vapour from my vaping devices was a little more thicker (a normal for any VG based eliquid) and it gave a slightly smoother vape. Again I did not get any reactions to this and found it a pleasure to vape.

In afterthought you could mix the PG version and the VG version to make a 50/50 mix as well. I did try this and found it to work really well for me.

3- Whiff healthy: 100% natural, no nicotine no propylene glycol but with “Kudzu solution”

Now this is a different slant from the normal, as most eliquids tend to have a nicotine base this one has the Kudzu extract instead. For a better look at this click HERE for the documentation I was sent.

At this moment I am vaping about 6mg to 9mg in my nicotine strength and found the Kudzu seemed to work for me very well. I didn’t get any of the effects from nicotine withdrawal but I cannot say how someone who vapes a 18 or 24mg strength would get on with this but from my experience it would be well worth trying. I also found that this worked really well in a sub-ohm area and I tested this with the Aspire Atlantis with much better results and taste than a nicotine based eliquid. Now, I have tried Caffeine based eliquids and found them nice but with the taste and quality of this one I think its well worth looking into. However this is a slight negative that there is no throat hit from this but again the flavours from these is still much the same as the others and you can really enjoy the flavours.

The basic formulation of this line is characterized by the following aspects and like the other two lines this has the testing from the from Italian Health Ministry.

So overall we have 3 different yet just the same flavour eliquids with alot of care and testing. They sent over some more documents to show testing and other information as well to show how in depth they have gone with this brand.

For more info and data please check out www.whiff.eu/en and you can email them on info@whiff.eu

Raffaele will be sending out the links for the Whiff site very soon so I will amend the blog when they arrive. Many thanks to Raffaele for asking my opinion and feedback and I honored to be asked for my input on this. I will say the Italians know how to make great tasting eliquids and thats a given when you look at their excellent cooking and red wines. Lets just say they know their flavours.

I am sure as vendors start to supply this fine eliquid more flavours should start to appear and from what I have tried from the samples I think this will be a great eliquid to try.

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